Alphaone started operations in 2019, having many competitors, we are working to stand out and improve, with our teamwork to fix all the flaws and be competitive. At the moment we are still guided in the same way. Given all this, Alphaone began to expand and grow. By calculating each step, we realized that the medical supplies we presented for healthy competition should have:

  1. Customer relationship adaptation and confidence.
  2. The best quality.
  3. Unbelievably affordable price.

Alpahaone will not stop and will continue to improve and evolve, we are offering new changes in this area, making it easier for our customers.
Only we will have:

  1. Free products that you can get for certain bonuses (bonus system).
  2. Free call service that you can use on our site if you have any questions.
  3. Gifts for some holidays and your birthday.
  4. Free delivery around Yerevan.
  5. There will be discounts on different products.
  6. The price will drop in large quantities.

So we can be sure that the price can be affordable and the quality is perfect.